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daniel parker: Listen

Take Your Picksy

(daniel parker)

Sounds a little like one of my favorite bands.

Thought Control

(daniel parker)

Noam Chomsky inspired rock song from the album 'Mend'

Dead End Thanks

(daniel parker)

I've been listening to Fugazi's instrumental album.

To Smithereens

(daniel parker)

This is what extreme sports sound like at my house!

Beat the Odds

(daniel parker)

One of three instrumentals on 'As a Junebug'

Anti Valentine's Song

(Hunzer B.)
Daniel Parker and Adrienne Krey

Bubble Gum pop by Daniel & Adrienne from the album Little Scoop

Tragic Final Acts (instrumental)

Easy to Believe

(daniel parker)

What lyrics would go with this?  

The Goose's Nephew

When Anything Goes - Instrumental

(daniel parker)

Six minute piano instrumental saga.  Needs lyrics and melodies.


(daniel parker)

What could you do with this instrumental in your next film?

Warm and Toasty

(daniel parker)

Acoustic guitar harmonic instrumental duo

Karma (instrumental)

Escape From Philip K Dick

(daniel parker)

Science fiction music perfect for the opening credits of a Blade Runner type film.

Kid Gun - Instrumental

(daniel parker)

Americana / Friday Night Lights soundtracky thing.

Waiting for Caffeine (instrumental)

Badum Bah

(daniel parker)

Acoustic finger-picking instrumental

Many Nights and Days

(daniel parker)

What would singing sound like on this 

The Graceful Germ

(daniel parker)

Murky and mysterious soft feedback instrumental built on an improvised piano lead. 

On Trying to Rewrite History

(daniel parker)

a psychic romp from As a Junebug

Living Oceans

(daniel parker)

7 minute soundtrack to accompany my unpublished children's picture book.


(daniel parker)

Piano instrumental storyline.

Doorbell Fantasie

(daniel parker)

What happens when a doorbell gets tired of the same old song

Waiting For

I'm Breaking Up With You

(daniel parker)

Light hearted nerd folksy break up song

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