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daniel parker: Bio


Songwriter, Recording Artist and Teacher living in Portland, Oregon.

"There’s a sense of pride among D.I.Y. recording artists with day jobs, who don’t have money for high quality compressors, outboard recording gear and expensive software plug-ins. It’s much the same feeling you might get from growing your own vegetables in a garden instead of going to the store or from fixing your own leaky faucet instead of calling a plumber.

Daniel Parker has intentionally worn all the hats for his new album, As A Junebug, (itunes) having written for and played all of the instruments, done all of the production and contributed 90 percent of the mixing.

The majority of Parker's tunes are thoroughly thought out, down-tempo sonic balladscapes and mellow, understated rock songs. Parker’s compositions are orchestrated with lots of ear candy moments and a warm cast of instruments.

As a Junebug is Parker's first solo album since his 2005 release Mend. (itunes) In between he has also performed and recorded an album with Hunzer B., (itunes) the folk/pop duo with his wife, knitting designer Adrienne Krey, which received radio play on Portland’s 94.7 KNRK and 90.7 KBOO.

Although his style and execution jive in a way that’s quite unique, Parker’s influences are evident throughout the album. David Byrne seems to come through on “Beat the Odds,” an instrumental with gigantic tribal drum sounds blended with a jumpy rock/jazz beat and an orchestral backdrop.

“Apocalyptic Lullaby” is a soft, gripping and cynical lament with a fire and brimstone chorus that sounds a bit like Arcade Fire. It’s a quiet vision of a dark future.

There's also humor in the form of "Bike Song", a tune he wrote after winning a bike in a writing contest and "You Look Hot in that Hat", which is destined, one would hope, to have a hilarious video made for it.

Parker experiments with music of disparate moods, juxtaposing soft acoustic ballads with feedback guitars and distorted keyboards.

As a preschool teacher and a private music teacher specializing in early childhood experiential piano and musicianship, Parker has been working with students ages 3-16 for the last ten years."

- Rosabelle Schreier

Daniel Parker - As a Junebug Clips, CDs, itunes.

Hunzer B. - Little Scoop Clips, CDs, itunes.

Daniel Parker - Mend Clips, CDs, itunes. As a Junebug is also available at select record stores in the Northwest.